It’s that time of the year again!

Thanks once again to Spotify Wrapped here is my end of year music habits. I listened to 8956 minutes of music which is down on last year but up on other years. My top artists were FEVER 333, CHVRCHES, The One Hundred (again), DED and Dead Sara (again). No surprises this year (Stormzy?). My top genres were rock, indie, pop, punk and dance/electronic. Disappointedly they seem to have dumbed down the genres so no beauties like alt-indie rock and post-grunge this time around.

The Three Body Problem trilogy was an unexpected bonus. It was a struggle to get into at first because I’m not typically a hard sci-fi fan, but I’m so glad I persevered. By the third book, I couldn’t put it down. So many fascinating ideas. I can’t wait to see how they adapt it for TV.

Having heard so much buzz about Succession I finally started watching it. After a slow start I think The Wheel Of Time could really become something special. But the TV highlight has to be Call Of Duty (yes, I’m painfully late to the party). I watched all six seasons over the space of a few months, which is the closest I’ve ever got to binging on a show.

I’ve not watched many films this year. I fear the Marvel bubble as burst for me, as I only watched Chang Chi and it felt a bit meh. Hopefully Spiderman will bring back the enthusiasm. The other film of note was No Time To Die. Let’s just say I left the cinema traumatised after that ending. I’m really looking forward to is the Matrix: Resurrections

As for gaming, the first half of the year was dominated by three awesome games, The Last Of Us 2, Days Gone and Control. After that it all went a bit random. I’ve finally found a regular use for my Switch, for playing indie games like Bastion and Little Nightmares, classics like Rollercoaster Tycoon and, of course, Minecraft.