I’m pleased to announce I’ve had another story accepted. It should be available early next year.

There’s a couple of things I want to note about it.

Firstly, if anything proves to me how subjective the whole writing business is, this story is it. The last rejection I received stated a dislike for the ending. The successful submission, which came a mere 24 hours later, stated how much they loved the ending. So, when an agent says it was a subjective decision and the next person may feel differently, they’re not kidding.

For the second point, I take you back to the beginning of the year when I decided to write a batch of short stories. Well, I only ended up writing three (plans change). This story that got accepted was the third one and also, to my mind, the weakest. Yet it’s those other more dense stories that continue to pile up rejections. A case of overthinking?