Here’s a quick update on my health and diet plans so far this year. As previously discussed, I’m rethinking how I approach the whole issue of exercise, what I eat, etc. My hope is to come up with something that works for me long term, rather than falling into the trap of switching from one fad to another every few months.

In that last post I mentioned that one of my new golden rules was to not be a martyr to the cause. In other words, I would learn to be happy with eating healthy most of the time, and not beat myself up for the occasional indulgence.

Simple enough, right? Well no.

Four months in, what I’ve discovered is how eating healthy most of the time is a fairly fluid concept. Some days or weeks I’ll slip too much onto the unhealthy side of the scale, and then feel the need to course-correct.

I see now how adhering rigidly to a diet is in some ways easier, at least in the short term. The problem is, I have a wife and kid, a job and a writing hobby, trips out and holidays. From my experience, a strict diet doesn’t always fit well with that.

So, maybe course-correcting is just the way it has to be.