So, the Game Of Thrones ending. I wasn’t going to comment, but it was too monumental to not at least acknowledge it. So, here goes…

I consider Game Of Thrones to be one of the best shows ever, epic and accomplished in a way few TV shows have even come close to, and many films can only aspire to be. But it had to come to an end at some point. All shows must die…

I knew finishing Game Of Thrones was going to be difficult. Of course it would be. George R.R. Martin may not admit it but I suspect that’s the reason we’ve been waiting so long for Winds Of Winter. It’s hard enough concluding anything in fiction, particularly a story with so many plot threads and characters. In the real world life carries on, there is no such thing as a happy “end”. One chapter of our life concludes with a wedding (happy!), the next chapter opens on us returning to work (sad…). And so on until death.

But this final season? This ending?

By now everybody knows the backlash the show got. It was rushed, previously savvy characters became naive idiots, seemingly the greatest threat to hit Westeros was dispatched in a single battle. And plot armour. Lots of plot armour. All valid criticisms.

But the problem with the modern internet is there’s no shortage of criticism. There’s so much of it in fact, it’s more akin to an avalanche of negativity, turning once deified actors and writers into talentless morons. Tweets aren’t long enough to cover a balanced study, they’re only long enough for criticism or praise, never both.

I had to ignore it all, skip the raging Youtube videos, avoid the social media critiques. Not because people didn’t have a point, but because I’ve been committed to this show for the better part of a decade. I’ve read the books. I didn’t want to become cynical now, not at the end.

So, despite the flaws of the final season, I’ve chosen to be satisfied with it. Because, even in the end (and perhaps despite it), Game Of Thrones remains an incredible show.