It will probably come as little surprise to you that I’ve always read regularly, ever since I was a kid. However, my rate of consumption has slowly declined over the last couple of years. For somebody who writes books, I’m not actually reading many of them at the moment. And when I do read something it can take me weeks to finish it.

I’m not entirely sure why this has happened. I can speculate, of course. I have a job and family commitments that take up a lot of time. But maybe using a Kindle has changed my reading habits as well. Or perhaps it’s easier to idly browse a blog or watch a YouTube video instead.

It could also be because reading is no longer just done for innocent pleasure. I now look out for examples of good prose, storytelling and other such inspiration, rather than just letting the words flow over me.

Whatever the reason, it’s a ridiculous state of affairs and something I want to fix. I’m not going to set targets or quantify my reading or anything like that, I’ve tried those tricks before and they were a miserable failure. But I do need to start making the effort again. Consider this an early new year’s resolution!