A couple of years ago I took the decision to leave Facebook. I’d left twice before, only to return under the misguided notion things would be different. But now? Now it’s forever as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve not regretted the decision one bit, particularly given everything I’ve heard and read about social media since. It did my mental health no good, and I was only a casual user.

But am I putting myself at a disadvantage? Socially no, because people still talk face-to-face (shocker!), even if it’s about something funny they saw on Facebook.

But what about my writing? What about my long mooted but yet to develop career? A few years ago I would have said yes, definitely. How else could I promote my work or reach out to (potential) readers?

Even by that point I’d become jaded with social media, but I was ready and willing to return to Twitter and build my “brand”. That was just what had to be done, no questions asked. Right?

Well, that was my view five years. Now I’m not so sure. It’s not as if social media has become a more positive experience in that time. In another five years will it even be an issue? Or will I have been left even further behind?

We’ll see.