So, time for a little 2020 review. This should be a laugh.

I won’t babble on about Covid too much because what else is there to say at this point? The first lockdown feels an age ago and my observations at the time seem even more optimistic now. People just want things to get back to normal, warts and all. As someone who’s basically been working as usual since that initial lockdown, the real challenge has been trying not to get annoyed with how flexible people can be when it comes to what they consider “essential” travel, or how so many get offended that a global pandemic dare get in the way of their ability to buy those first-world luxuries. Ah well.

I may discuss this more in the coming months, but I’ll put it out there now and say my writing aspirations took a big hit in 2020. Despite my confidence in the manuscript and the submission materials, the rejections just kept piling up. I know rejection is part of the game, but after so many years it does wear you down. The time has come for a big rethink. Whether this means skipping getting an agent altogether and going direct to publishers or pursuing the self-publishing route I’m not sure yet.

The lack of progress with my writing has had a knock-on effect with this blog too, as I notice I haven’t updated since May! Still, if I’m trying new things next year it will also give me new things to write about, so hopefully this site will get a big kick up the ass.

And now for the obligatory media rundown…

I always rely on Spotify’s Wrapped for a recap of my musical interests. Apparently, I listened to 14,710 minutes of music this year which is a big increase on recent years. I also somehow listened to 430 different genres (I feel sorry for the people who have to categorise them all). My most listened to genres were rock, modern rock, hip-hop, alternative metal and… chamber psych? There seems to be a lot of confusion over that one. As for my most played bands, Enter Shikari and Twin Atlantic made their usual appearances, but there was also black midi, The Warning and Manic Street Preachers(!).

On the TV front, I’m currently enjoying the second season of The Boys and His Dark Materials. Gangs Of London was a big hit for me earlier in the year. It was ridiculously OTT at times but it worked in its favour. The Third Day was good too. I hardly dare admit I’ve not been able to get into The Mandalorian.

As for books, I’m currently reading The Three Body Problem. Wanderers introduced me to Chunk Wendig’s work and it turned out to be a rather timely read given it’s about a pandemic. Having watched Normal People on TV, I also read the book and was reminded that I do actually enjoy fiction of the non-science variety. I also had a period binging on true crime too.

2020 has been weird for gaming. Having been indifferent to multiplayer for a long time now, something clicked with me and Call Of Duty. I played a disgusting amount of Modern Warfare, particularly the Spec Ops mode. So unhealthy was this obsession, the prospect of playing the new Black Ops now makes me feel queasy. To make matters worse I finally got into Minecraft as well (about ten years too late). I’ve had to go cold turkey with both games, and am currently working through The Last Of Us series as a palate cleanser.