Notion seems like such a good tool. The idea of it has always been appealing to me, and it’s no surprise it’s taken off. But…

I’m struggling to find a fit for it in my life. I could move all my files over to it, but other than everything being in one place, what would I be gaining? Simplenote seems better for keeping basic notes (in Notion I could lay them out more attractively, but so what?). Google Sheets is much more feature-rich when it comes to data management and number crunching. And until Notion introduces a recurring tasks feature, it just doesn’t compete with MS To-Do.

I work best with specialist tools, even if it means having several unrelated apps on the go. Notion may be able to do multiple things in one package, but if I have to compromise to achieve the holy grail of a unified workspace, is that really progress?

Those personal wikis do look pretty cool though.