I recently read a blog post by Jamie Todd Rubin, where he observed something that I’ve also thought about before. Whenever I read articles about the routines of successful entrepreneurs, lifestyle bloggers and other business types, they rarely mention kids and family.

Now I’m not making any assumptions about this!

But like Jamie, family life has a significant influence on my schedule. If I was to be ever asked what my typical day looks like, the morning would be all about preparing for school. Getting in an early exercise or meditation session simply doesn’t factor into my plans.

Interestingly, as my son gets older and more independent he actually places greater demands on my time. For instance, the latest addition to the family schedule is daily homework, football and weekly swimming lessons, all of which is squeezed in between the already established activities of school, cooking, play and family time.

I’ve tried routines in the past, even going so far as to plan out everything to the hour on calendar apps. But the effort of maintaining one often negated whatever benefits I was supposed to get out of it. Beyond keeping a degree of structure in my son’s life, I’ve long since ditched any attempts at a more formal system.

My only rule nowadays? Do my writing goal at some point in the day. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, while my son is watching cartoons, or once he’s in bed, it doesn’t matter.