A long time long ago I played an amazing game called Baldur’s Gate. Ever since then, I’ve always had an itch to play something similar, and that itch was finally scratched when I recently bought Divinity: Original Sin 2. After playing The Last Of Us and Days Gone I needed something different, and this was very different.

First things first, if you’re going to get this game, beware the long loading times on console (I played it on PS4). I think much of the loading time issues are because the game is absolutely packed with quests to do, stories to follow, characters to interact with. The plot is impressively dense, with enough lore and backstory to fill an entire book (if you choose to read it). Consequences are real, accidents do happen and events don’t always go the way you want them to. A friendly NPC may get caught in the crossfire between you are some Magisters, meaning you have to figure out another way to complete a quest. The beauty of this game is its malleability. My son recently started playing it, and it’s been fascinating watching the different choices he’s made.

But is it possible to have too much? I must admit, I did find myself becoming fatigued half-way through it. What didn’t help is there are multiple chapters to the story, with new maps for each. Once you decide to move to a new chapter, you’re locked out of that map and all associated quests. In effect, I had to start exploring an entirely new location from scratch at least five times.

A key difference with Baldur’s Gate is combat is turn-based. It’s also very hard, and I often had to adopt some immersion-bending tricks to get by. Choosing character upgrades that allow me to flee combat, using teleportation spells to draw one enemy out at a time rather than tackling an entire group… Yes, it’s part of the game mechanics but it did feel a little… cheaty? Or maybe it’s just another sign of the games’ diversity. I found a way that worked for me. Somebody who is into their RPGs and more patient may relish in figuring out the best stats, potions and spells for each battle.

I finished it the other day and was both relieved I could move on to other games, and keen to start a new playthrough. A palate cleanser is need. I think I’ll play some Call Of Duty next…