I recently managed to wrangle a second hand MacBook Air from a friend. It was meant to be a stopgap for a year or two, so I didn’t have to splash out on a new Windows laptop.

But having played around with it for a few weeks now, I’m rather enamoured with it.

Sure, it’s not fair to compare an £800+ MacBook to a £300 Windows laptop that wasn’t fast when I got it, and is now positively geriatric. I’m very budget conscious and would never dream of splashing out such money on a laptop. However, the sheer slickness of the MacBook has really impressed. The keyboard alone makes it a pleasure to type, and being a writer this is actually a big deal. A big deal that I’ve never really contemplated before.

And the lightness of it! I never realised how heavy my old laptop was until I played around with the MacBook. I’ve taken my old laptop on the move before so I could write whenever, but it was always a Big Deal to lug around. Not so with the MacBook. I could almost literally take it anywhere, it is that portable.

It does leave me wondering whether I’ve short-changed myself in the past, by buying laptops (and indeed most tech) that just does the job. I’m not about to become an Apple convert, but when I do finally upgrade I may just spend that bit extra for better hardware.