Welcome to my new blog. This being the first post, it’s obligatory to explain why I’ve started it and what you can expect from it. Apparently. So here goes…

It’s been several years since I last had a blog. I ran my first one for five years. It was quite successful. Not successful enough that I could quit my job and go traveling to new countries every six months, but it had its fans and provided me with some nice pocket money every month.

However, in what I suspect happens to a lot of semi-pro bloggers who can’t quite make the leap to the big leagues, I lost my way. It became about the visitor numbers and where I ranked in Google, about updating the content of a two year old post and fixing the badly formatted comment of anonymous. It was also a niche blog and you can only write so much about the same topics before you start repeating yourself.

Most importantly though, I wanted to write a book. I’d wanted to write a book for ten years. It really was time to do something about it. The old blog became a distraction.

So, why have I chosen to start doing it all over again? Apart from the obvious fact that I’ve missed it, I also now need an online presence for my writing, particularly of the non-scifi/fantasy variety. There’s lots of stuff I want to write about, but I’ve had no outlet for it, until now.

I’m going to deliberately avoid any specifics about what to expect here because I don’t want to constrain myself, and I know how OCD I can get about it. I’m going to let it grow organically, just like I did with my first blog. If it feels right, I’ll write abut it. If not, whatever.

However, one thing I can confidently declare is I will be writing about writing. I’ve recently completed a second book and am challenging myself to write a third, from start to final draft, in one year. That should cover a few blog posts right there.